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With many people to please, the product research timelines are longer, and the list of requirements for evaluating products is more detailed. We rave about Skullcandy pretty often, but it’s hard to do better than this with an ecommerce store. They expertly offset bright colors with a signature black website design to create a sleek, luxurious feeling. Products are easy to discover, review in great detail on video, and then read on the specs. Though their primary market is audio, browsing Skullcandy’s website is a delightful sensory experience due to their expert use of visuals, material design elements and video. Navigation is an umbrella term for all the UI elements users can use to reach specific information on your website.

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Study your customer lifecycle, analyze their browsing habits if you are redesigning or conduct usability tests with a focus group. Learn as much as you can about their browsing habits, then incorporate those findings into your design. Your ecommerce design has to appeal to your target audience, not just be aesthetically pleasing to you. By creating a distinctive ecommerce shopping experience, you are securing your spot as a long-time favorite brand, one interaction at a time. Branding is a powerful asset for building emotional connections with your audience and turning them into vocal brand advocates.

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Built with a REST API, WooCommerce is scalable and can integrate with virtually any service. Design a complex store from scratch, extend a store for a client, or simply add a single product to a WordPress site — your store, your way. As with most things centered online, the dominant ecommerce website design trends follow those of the technological sphere. All of these elements add up to a great ecommerce experience.

These include header navigation menu, product category pages, filters, on-site search and footers. Suppose an ecommerce platform constrains your ability to create custom navigation paths. In that case, you’ll end up with a pretty but dysfunctional website few customers will want to use, and your conversion rate will suffer for it.

More than 46% of consumers complete their entire purchase process on smartphones, with even around 75% admitting that they abandon sites that aren’t optimized for mobile. A responsive ecommerce platform can ensure that visitors from all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experience — without any design constraints. Smaller eCommerce sites have the luxury of not having to follow the pre-defined design styles that many larger corporate stores tend to use. They don’t need to have a content-heavy landing page, a mega-menu with hundreds of categories, or even a section for suggested or alternative products.

Modular furniture retailer Burrow skipped words in favor of a home page video to demonstrate their main value proposition — assembling new furniture can be fun, quick, and tool-less. Using a mix of product and lifestyle pics, Burrow makes it easy to picture their latest designs in your home, customize them for the right fit, and order in several clicks. Our team of Happiness Engineers works remotely from 58 countries providing customer support across multiple time zones.

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Effective conversion rate optimization tactics, used by B2C retailers, leverage these biases in design to sway purchase decisions. UX plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your website is not only functional, but intuitive, reliable, user-friendly and easy to navigate. These factors increase the pleasurability of interacting with the site and make browsing a more pleasant experience. There’s a saying that if you’re not online, you don’t exist.

Visuals and diverse payment systems can play a significant role in online shopping, even for small online businesses. Smaller organizations can make their sites even more attractive for prospective buyers by investing in high-quality visuals and supporting different payment methods. While they may seem simple enough, they are often anything but.

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Four out of five customers are more willing to promote a long-time favorite brand. We also don’t limit you when it comes to the front or interior design. You can give your website a fully custom on-brand look without skimming on SEO, usability or security.

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The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. It is no longer the overly technical, strenuous process that prevented many large and small companies from participating in the online marketplace. A well-executed ecommerce email marketing campaign can drive repeat traffic to your website and maximize conversions. Before you market, however, you need to build your email list. Inform customers about all the possible costs pre-checkout.

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Whether your store handles dozens or millions of customers a year, designing with care and expertise is invaluable in sustaining or providing growth. If you need less sophisticated but still robust design functionality, we deliver that too. Take our Page Builder — a drag and drop web page editing tool small businesses and Fortune 500 companies use to create attractive landing pages. Using pre-made design elements, you https://globalcloudteam.com/ can rapidly prototype attention-grabbing and click-inducing product listings without writing a single line of code. Create interactive customer experiences, level up your content marketing game and add new supporting pages to your sales funnel without calling the dev team. B2B customer intent is driven by business priorities and backed by a group of other people (stakeholders, teams, company’s customers, end-users).

If you don’t feel like creating your store design from scratch, you can take a look around our theme store. With 150+ unique designs, you are bound to find something that pleases your eye. Browse options based on grid type, product catalog layout or industry. You can also review the best ecommerce themes, picked by our staff.

Every BigCommerce theme is responsive, mobile- and SEO-friendly, and optimized for usability. Using a premade theme is a shortcut to designing a great ecommerce website at a lower cost. LARQ uses crisp product images and animations to make us genuinely excited about something as simple as drinking water. Creating calibrated CTAs that draw attention and can point consumers in the right direction will generate leads and raise profitability. For B2B companies, the top priority is lead generation.

With a niche market and longer purchase cycles, B2B brands need to keep a steady pipeline of warm leads. Browse the website to understand if you like the navigation, find the layouts effective, and all design elements intuitive and good-looking. 72,024 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. Not sure where to start, or need help taking your site to the next level? Our directory of high-quality, verified WooCommerce agencies and freelancers can help you get the job done.

Solo Stove website is an admirable example of how to use iconography in ecommerce. The fire pit manufacturer made custom icons for each product category to better convey what they are selling and highlight some of the main product specs. How-to product videos, illustrations and FAQ sections highlight their main point further — their products are durable, easy-to-use and well worth the price.

No other ecommerce platform has the in-house support and services of BigCommerce. Our expertly trained support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 via phone, email or chat. Most calls are answered in under two minutes, with over 85% of issues are resolved on the first call. Whether you are launching your first online store or your one hundredth, BigCommerce provides the support you need through each and every stage of your growth. Nothing is more essential to the success of an online platform than the construction and performance of its website. With this idea in mind, BigCommerce built its ecommerce platform to remove friction from the customer journey through blazing fast speed, unparalleled bandwidth and multiple layers of security.

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The Mountain has all the great design features of an ecommerce website. A straightforward navigation bar featuring main product categories prompts exploration. A service banner, placed under the header, immediately informs about shipping terms and possible delays — good practice for managing customer expectations.

  • Suppose an ecommerce platform constrains your ability to create custom navigation paths.
  • First, you have to develop strong mortar and outer walls.
  • Between conversion optimization, new product landing pages, and seasonal promotions, you’ll always have plenty of ‘design’ work at hand.
  • You can design a store using a drag-and-drop visual editor in several hours, though the tradeoff is limited customization and incapacity to add custom features.

You can mix and match different ‘bricks’ to assemble a tiny house or a 6-bedroom Victorian mansion. Like B2C stores, B2B websites cater to several customer segments, varying in size, industry, and operational budgets. Thus, B2B websites need to design a more diverse, audience-based navigation to cater to all targets.

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Most B2C consumers are in a constant state of product exploration and in-the-background evaluation. When they discover a good offer, they are almost ready to snatch it. In that sense, B2C ecommerce websites need to facilitate discovery and feed into that sense of urgency. No matter which type of ecommerce site you plan to build, the first thing you need is an ecommerce platform to help you create the best ecommerce store. For large ecommerce stores, it is easy to rest on their laurels. However, a proactive approach to site navigation and management is critical to sustained profitability.

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Now let’s dive into the how-to part and talk design tips for store owners. To entice subscriptions, give your newsletter a prominent placement at the homepage and keep a sticky or pop-up version in the footer area. To retain first-time shoppers, you can also pitch a small discount for a subscription. Fujitsu’s on-site search engine is thorough and streamlined, with suggested auto-completes and filters for narrowing down search results.

Attractive prices, cool promos and catchy banners are still important, but their effectiveness shrinks if the overall UX is clunky. Focus on ensuring high website usability and performance first, then work on extra graphic design elements. Excellent user experience amplifies the pleasure of interacting with your brand.

Page load time and overall website speed add or subtract from your UX. Sluggish pages, glitching design elements, and slow-loading product videos often result from a poor CMS/CDN and hosting provider used by the ecommerce platform. Headless commerce platforms are built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to create differentiated shopping experiences anywhere, with a powerful commerce engine on the backend. Unlike other ecommerce options, with headless commerce, the frontend is separated from the backend, allowing you to change your platform at any time. However, a more complicated process does come with additional systems needed.

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Both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer e-commerce websites have the same agenda — make a sale. Delight prompts consumers to complete their purchase and then shop some more. What ignites that sense of delight and takes a brand to the next level?

With many different ecommerce best practices around the web, it may be tempting to use each one. Not every practice works universally well for every retailer. If you need to explain each new step, the selected design isn’t working for your brand.

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